Philippines Disaster Relief Fund


URGENT: World Vision is providing vital help to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan—one of the strongest storms in recorded history—after it slammed the Philippines on November 8. An estimated 14.4 million people are affected, including 5.5 million children. Thousands are dead and millions more need emergency assistance. World Vision is rushing to meet the most urgent needs of food, clean water, and emergency shelter for the most vulnerable children and their families.

Your gift will help provide vital relief to children and families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

  • $24 can provide essential supplies like a blanket and mosquito net.
  • $33 can supply a hygiene kit for a family.
  • $35 can provide a food kit to feed a family for 7 days.
  • $184 can give a family an emergency shelter.
  • $285 can provide the essentials that a family needs to survive, including food, clean water, shelter, education, and Child-Friendly Spaces.

To help even more, sponsor a child in the Philippines. When a disaster like Typhoon Haiyan strikes, sponsorship provides a child and entire community with life-saving basics and resilience in the aftermath.

The Philippines is hit by an average of 19 typhoons a year. A tropical country made up of more than 7,100 volcanic islands, the Philippines is vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, and landslides. Ongoing conflict in some areas also puts children's lives at risk.

World Vision has been working with the people of the Philippines since 1954, and we are often one of the first organizations to respond when disaster strikes. Our global pre-positioning resource network ensures that we can provide emergency relief supplies including food, hygiene kits, and temporary shelter to the most vulnerable.

In addition to life-saving aid, World Vision establishes Child-Friendly Spaces to provide children with safe environments. We stay in a community for the long haul to help families recover, rebuild, and prepare for the next disaster.

At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.

The multiplying effect from grants and donated goods may change throughout the year on identical or similar offers due to variations in the start and end dates of donor grants and our programs.

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