Help for Congolese Refugees


The eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has endured more than a decade of conflict in which millions have been killed and many more lives have been devastated through violence, disease, and poverty. Recently, fighting has intensified, and thousands of families are fleeing their homes, many seeking the safety of refugee camps in neighboring countries.

Your gift today will provide desperately needed food, healthcare, and supplies to displaced Congolese children and families.

The situation is especially critical for children under 5. Ruth Ndambendore, a nurse at the hospital in Rwanda's Kigeme refugee camp, describes the crisis. "Many children are suffering from pneumonia due to the cold weather," she says. "All the children in the camp have malnutrition. Most of the cases who come with severe malnutrition died."

Nurse Ruth says things look bleak for the refugees. "The mothers are worried, but there's nothing they can do."

As many as 500 Congolese refugees arrive at the Kigeme refugee camp every day — 65 percent of them children. More than 30,000 refugees have already crossed into Uganda, including some children who have been separated from their families.

World Vision is on the ground, providing urgently needed support including emergency food for children, warm clothing, clean water, healthcare, and more.

Please remember the children and families of the DRC in your prayers. And send a gift to help them today.

At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.

The multiplying effect from grants and donated goods may change throughout the year on identical or similar offers due to variations in the start and end dates of donor grants and our programs.

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