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Charitable gifts that give back

How do charity gifts work?

Learn what happens when you donate a gift.
First, explore the World Vision Gift Catalog’s collection of more than 100 charitable gifts that you can donate in someone’s honor. When you donate a charity gift in someone’s honor through the World Vision Gift Catalog, you’ll provide help to those who need it, while giving a meaningful gift to someone in your life.

You can give these “donation gifts” as presents for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, Easter, or simply as a thank you gift any time of year.

How does it help? When you donate a gift, that gift gives back by empowering people out of poverty around the world. And we promise that the charity gift you give in someone’s honor will be used within that gift’s category wherever it’s needed most. Read more about how your gift will be used at the bottom of every gift’s description.

What does my gift recipient get? You can mail, print, or email a personalized card that explains the impact of your gift, along with a photo of how your gift will give back to those in need.