South Sudan Disaster Relief Fund

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More than a million people have been driven from their homes since intense conflict began in South Sudan in December 2013. Today, children and families still live in fear of violence and are unable to return home. Even more – 4 million – face alarming food insecurity and are in need of humanitarian aid.

Because World Vision has been awarded government grants, your gift will have 3X the impact to help provide urgently-needed food, clean water and sanitation, mosquito nets and household goods, and safe places where children can learn and play.

World Vision was working in South Sudan long before the country gained independence in 2011, and we have increased our disaster relief work in response to the current crisis.

But we need your help. The situation is critical as the number of people in urgent need of life-saving assistance has grown significantly. Please help us provide basic food and nutrition supplies, as well as clean water, sanitation, and protection for the most vulnerable children and families in South Sudan. Any amount you give will have 3X the impact to help these families.

At World Vision, stewardship is an integral part of everything we do. In rare cases where donations exceed what is needed, or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision will redirect funds to similar activities to help children and families in need.

The multiplying effect from grants and donated goods may change throughout the year on identical or similar offers due to variations in the start and end dates of donor grants and our programs.

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