The Gift of Water

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Event/Goal: The Gift of Water on May 3, 2016
Created by C.J. Stunkard
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Many of us pray for the Lord’s leading. We long to know what the Author of Life would have us do in his eternal story of infinite significance. For the last several months, I have felt the Lord's leading me to raise funds for a deep water well project in a foreign country. I’m a strong proponent of water's presence in a healthy lifestyle, but my household alone cannot fund this gift of sustainable water access for an overseas community. Sometimes the Lord asks us to do things we never could on our own so that we learn to work alongside others to accomplish what we never thought possible. With this in mind, I am beginning this deep water well project registry through World Vision, an organization that my wife and I have supported for years. Their timetable for a given registry is one full calendar year, and I believe that the Lord can and will accomplish what he has asked me to do in that time. But, I cannot do it alone. I need your help. Please join me in the Lord's work over the next twelve months by praying that the Lord will meet this goal, giving as you feel led, and emailing me to tell me you've done so. I don’t know who of you the Lord will bring to partner alongside me in this, but I know he can and will bring those he sees fit. Together, we can provide those in need with an amazing gift that will keep on giving. Looking forward to hearing from you, For more details, e-mail me at or visit my blog at
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